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Gettysburg College Collects Blogs for Special Collections 

Gettysburg College has acquired a couple of exciting new items of Civil War interest: blogs! Yes, I said, "blogs!" The College's Civil War Institute has started a project to collect and curate these discussions of Civil War memory, which you can read more about here. Blogs and social media have often been cited as potential …

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Mashing Up: Monday Work Groups 

We don’t serve mashed potatoes at high noon, but freshly baked cookies, coffee, and tea aren’t too bad an alternative. They sweeten the taste for technology – on a day when we sift through piles of weekend e-mail, as we look hungrily to the week ahead. On the second Monday of each month, experts from …

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On blogging, and the speed of the internet 

I was reading “the news” on Facebook from “friends” of mine whose thoughts I “subscribe to” when I encountered an article about a woman who was fired from her job because a photo of her holding a protest sign on Occupy Wall Street got leaked on the internet.  We’ve all heard stories, some threatening, some …

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Resolve to read more with Instapaper 

Happy New Year to all patrons and friends of the Gottesman Libraries! Hopefully, at least some of you have made the resolution to read more this year. Of course, the wide world of the Internet is full of quality reading material: breaking news, long-form journalism, blogs, personal websites, and more. In fact, it's easy to …

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