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Today in History: Live Aid 

Remember "We Are the World" (USA for Africa)? A global rock concert that raised relief for famine-stricken Africa, Live Aid was conceived by Irish singer Bob Geldof who had travelled to Ethiopia after learning of the hundreds of thousands who had starved. With Prince Charles and Princess Diana officiating, the 16-hour event opened at Wembley …

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Student Research on African Education 

Map of Africa by Eric Gaba (Sting - Sting) - In the Spring 2017 issue of African Education in Focus, the newsletter of TC’s George Clement Bond Center for African Education (CAE), Dr. Naomi Moland named an issue “at the heart of international comparative education,” that “'education' must be conceived of broadly-- for example, understanding …

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Happy May Day! Working on the Dartigue Collection 

Sifting through e-mail, I see that May 1, 2014 marks a significant second anniversary:  the beginning of collaborative work with John Dartigue, son of Maurice and Esther, on the Maurice Dartigue Collection and its sub collections, Additional Writings by and about Maurice Dartigue; and Writings by and about Esther Dartigue. It was on May 1, …

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Unlikely Brothers: Our story of adventure, loss, and redemption 

Title: Unlikely Brothers: Our story of adventure, loss, and redemption Authors: John Prendergast & Michael Mattocks Publisher: Crown Call number: HV881 .P725 2011 From the Publisher: "Peace activist and cofounder of the Enough Project, John Prendergast is known as a champion of human rights in Africa. But the not-so-public face of J.P. is the life …

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The Expansive Moment: The Rise of Social Anthropology in Britain and Africa, 1918-1970 

Title: The Expansive Moment: The Rise of Social Anthropology in Britain and Africa, 1918-1970 Author: Goody, Jack Publisher: Cambridge University Press Call No.: GN345 .S35 2010 From the Publisher: Jack Goody's book explores the development of the discipline of social anthropology through its key practitioners and how far its concerns interacted with the political and ideological debate of the interwar …

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Reading for All in Africa: Building Communities Where Literacy Thrives 

Title: Reading for All in Africa :  Building Communities Where Literacy Thrives Edited by: Arua E. Arua Publisher: Newark, DE : International Reading Association, c2003 Check it out! LB1049.95 .P36 2003 From the publisher: In October 2001, the Reading Association of Nigeria and the International Reading Association’s International Development in Africa Committee hosted the 2nd …

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When victims become killers : colonialism, nativism, and the genocide in Rwanda 

Title: When victims become killers : colonialism, nativism, and the genocide in Rwanda  Author :  Mahmood Mamdani Publisher: Princeton, N.J.   Woodstock : Princeton University Press Call number: DT450.435 .M35 2001 From the Publisher: "When we captured Kigali, we thought we would face criminals in the state; instead, we faced a criminal population." So a political commissar in the Rwanda Patriotic Front reflected after the 1994 massacre of …

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The captive 

Title: The Captive Author: Joyce Hansen Publisher: Scholastic Call Number: PZ7.H19825 Cap 1995 From the Publisher: Kofi's safe world is suddenly shattered. Ghostly white men, who have arrived from the coast, are stealing his people to sell into slavery. And Africans who speak and dress like the white man are helping them. Oppong, the family's …

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African economies and the politics of permanent crisis, 1979-1999 

Title: African economies and the politics of permanent crisis, 1979-1999 Author: Nicolas van de Walle Publisher: New York : Cambridge University Press, 2001 Check it out! HC800 V357 2001 From the publisher: This book explains why African countries have remained mired in a disastrous economic crisis since the late 1970s. It shows that dynamics internal …

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Burning in the Sun 

Title: Burning in the sun Directors: Cambria Matlow and Morgan Robinson Produced by: Indieflix, 2010 Check It Out: TJ810 .B8 2010 DVD From the Production Company: 26-year-old charmer Daniel Dembele is equal parts West African and European, and looking to make his mark on the world.  Seizing the moment at a crossroads in his life, …

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The Literature Polic 

Title: The literature police: apartheid censorship and its cultural consequences Author:  Peter D. McDonald Publisher: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2009 Check It Out:  Z658.S6 M33 2009 From the Publisher: 'Censorship may have to do with literature', Nadine Gordimer once said, 'but literature has nothing whatever to do with censorship.' As …

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Dead Aid 

Title: Dead aid: why aid is not working and how there is a better way for Africa Author: Dambisa Moyo Publisher: New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2009 Check It Out: HC800 .M69 2009 From the Publisher: In the past fifty years, more than $1 trillion in development-related aid has been transferred from rich countries …

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Beasts of No Nation and AIDS/HIV in Nigeria 

Nigerian-American author Uzodinma Iweala read from and discussed his debut novel, Beasts of No Nation (Harper Collins, 2005), as well as his forthcoming nonfictional work on AIDS/HIV in Nigeria. Beasts tells the story of a young boy soldier, Agu, who is forced into the army in an unnamed country in West Africa. Despite his love …

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