Visit with Abby the Therapy Dog at the Library during Finals!

| December 16, 2017

On Thursday, December 14, Abby the Therapy Dog made her first visit of the Fall 2017 finals period to the Gottesman Libraries. She was met with delight by the some three dozen drop-ins at the Third Floor Offit Gallery who stopped to spend time de-stressing in her and each other’s company. Four-year-old Abby is certified by the Good Dog Foundation, which participates in the training of their dogs and handlers. Abby has been a member of the Teacher’s College Community since joining Karen and Bill Baldwin’s family as a puppy. Karen Ann Baldwin, Abby’s handler, is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Teachers College. William J. Baldwin is Chair, Department of Organization and Leadership, and Professor in Practice.

Abby2 20171214_153048 Abby4

Abby arrived yesterday with the charming first signs of a “snow nose,” which occurs when a dog’s normally dark nose loses pigment and becomes noticeably lighter in color in winter. Describing this trait which allows dogs like this yellow English Labrador to be spotted more easily in the snowy winter fields, Karen shared information with her visitors during a both soothing and educational hour. Like her field-working ancestors, Abby loves being out in snowy weather, but her delicate paws must be protected from the abrasive melting formulas that we humans toss on city snow to keep ourselves from going off balance.

To help our patrons stay on balance during finals, Abby is returning to the Gottesman Libraries next Tuesday and Thursday 3-4pm, December 19 and 21. You are invited to become better acquainted during her visits to the Third Floor Offit Gallery. Abby’s infectious enthusiasm provides a welcome, if brief, distraction from end-of-semester pressures. The Gottesman Libraries is open for extended hours until 1:00AM through December 21.


The photos of yesterday’s visit are courtesy of first-semester student Burgandi Raskoska, Health and Well Being Student Senator of the Teachers College Student Senate, which co-sponsored the library event. Thank you, Burgandi!