‘Tis the Season to be Interviewing

| November 17, 2010

With job and internship fairs in full swing, many of you may be preparing to join the sea of opportunity seekers out there vying for the very positions for which you hope to be considered.  So what can you do to set yourself apart from the rest?  How do you communicate to employers during the interview that YOU are the one they want?  These are questions that I’ve been asking myself lately, as I too am among the thousands of students seeking those golden opportunities that seem to be few and far between.  In my interview preparation, I stumbled upon a handy resource in the TC Ebrary, called 101 Great Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, by Ronald Fry.  The author gives tips on how to answer some of the most dreaded interview questions (e.g. “Tell me about yourself” or “Why do you want to work here?”) and useful examples that can easily be customized to fit your individual interview situation, regardless of your career path and industry interests.

Further, as a complimentary resource, Fry covers another critical aspect of the interview by providing readers with 101 Smart Questions to Ask on your Interview.  When you are attempting to sell yourself to an employer, it is important to not only answer their questions, but to also ask thoughtful questions of your own. This demonstrates to the employer your knowledge and interest in the company. The interview is a bi-directional dialog, so you should never leave without having asked any questions. This is critical, as it may mean the difference between you being chosen to join the team, or tossed back into the applicant pool.  So I encourage you all to check out both of these Ebooks… you may find them useful.  Good luck with your job/internship searches!