Qualitative inquiry and the politics of evidence / Norman K. Denzin, Michael D. Giardina, editors

| July 6, 2011

Title: Qualitative inquiry and the politics of evidence
Editors: Norman K. Denzin, Michael D. Giardina
Publisher: Walnut Creek, Calif. : Left Coast Press, c2008
Check it out: H62 .Q347 2008
From the Publisher: What is evidence in qualitative inquiry and how is it evaluated? What is true or false in research is strongly influenced by socially defined criteria and by the politics of academia. In providing an alternative to conservative science, qualitative researchers are often victimized by these politics. The use of qualitative evidence within the policy arena is also subject to social and political factors. Within qualitative inquiry itself, evidence is defined differently in different discourses –law, medicine, history, cultural, or performance studies. The interdisciplinary, international group of contributors to this volume address these questions in an attempt to create evidential criteria for qualitative work.

About the editors: Norman K. Denzin is Distinguished Professor of Communications, College of Communications Scholar, and Research Professor of Communications, Sociology, and Humanities at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. One of the world’s foremost authorities on qualitative research and cultural criticism, Denzin is the author or editor of more than two dozen books, including The Qualitative Manifesto; Qualitative Inquiry Under Fire; Searching for Yellowstone; Reading Race; Interpretive Ethnography; The Cinematic Society; The Voyeur’s Gaze; and The Alcoholic Self. He is past editor of The Sociological Quarterly, co-editor (with Yvonna S. Lincoln) of four editions of the landmark Handbook of Qualitative Research, coeditor (with Michael D. Giardina) of five plenary volumes from the annual Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, co-editor (with Lincoln) of the methods journal Qualitative Inquiry, founding editor of Cultural Studies/Critical Methodologies and International Review of Qualitative Research, and editor of three book series.

Michael D. Giardina is assistant professor in the Department of Sport Management, College of Education, Florida State University.  With Norman Denzin he has edited Qualitative Inquiry and the Conservative Challenge (Left Coast Press, 2006),  Ethical Futures in Qualitative Research (Left Coast Press, 2007), Qualitative Inquiry and the Politics of Evidence (Left Coast Press, 2008), Qualitative Inquiry and Social Justice (Left Coast Press, 2009), and Qualitative Inquiry and Human Rights (Left Coast Press, 2010).

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