Everybody in higher education should read this

| February 11, 2011

I recently read Henry Giroux’s article  Youth, higher education and the crisis of the public time: educated hope and the possibility of a democratic future from  Social Identities, Volume 9, Number 2, 2003 pages 141–68.

We’re all used to talking about the “corporatization” of universities, and, perhaps, of education in general. What this article does is show, in fairly blunt and simple terms, the effects of this “corporatization,” and of the wider economic trends of our time, as they are happening now, and as they are likely to lay out in the future.

Anybody who works in higher education, who wants to work in it, or who studies it (and that should cover all of us, right?) should read this to understand the consequences of their actions, both now and in the future.

And, lastly, people shouldn’t be put off by his use of political words like “neo-liberalism” or what have you. We’re all mature adults who should be able to have an informed political discussion, regardless of your viewpoint. This term is a valid way to describe the dominant economic model in the US from whichever part of the political spectrum you hail.

I’d be very interesting to hear your opinion about what you read.