Workshopping RoadWork: Memories Under Construction

Summer is officially here! It’s a time where creativity flourishes and memories are made. There couldn’t be a better time to experience RoadWork: Memories Under Construction in Macy Gallery. You can view the installation at any time, but the next two Thursdays – June 23 from 3-5 PM and June 30 from 2-5 PM – you can be a part of it.

RoadWork2The exhibit is the second half of a partnership between Teachers College and ArtCenter/South Florida which explores how communities and memories are constructed and reconstructed together. The captivating colors of RoadWork 1/Miami replicate the vibrant atmosphere of Lincoln Road, the project’s first focus, while giving both the participants and the doctoral students behind the project a way to organize their thoughts and feelings. RoadWork 2/TC follows the same process as its predecessor: workshop attendees participate in a walking tour of the area, a quick debriefing session to process observations made on the walk, and an art session during the following hour.

The June 16 walk brought us through parks and gardens, under train tracks, down by rivers, and past familiar buildings at unfamiliar angles. We observed not just the sights, but the smells, sounds, and emotions that we encountered while touring the neighborhood. We even took pictures to bring back to the art portion of the workshop. Upon arriving back at Macy Gallery, we were given the opportunity to discuss what impacted us. What made us hopeful? What criticisms did we have? Did we find anything that triggered memories? Did we observe changes in progress? We drew what we found on the walls of the gallery.

Roadwork1For the two remaining weeks of the exhibition, participants will discover new pieces of information about themselves and surroundings, and will partake in drawing, sewing, and oral history workshops. They will be able to leave their own mark on the RoadWork project and on the community by adding to the existing work that’s on display in the gallery.

If you’re interested in getting involved, contact Eunji Lee at