Great Video Tutorials for Blackboard 9.1

The library has rolled out a new version of the learning management system (LMS) Blackboard, through which a substantial number of courses at Teachers College, both online and on site, are offered.  Blackboard 9.1 (also called Blackboard Learn) replaces the version of the LMS, Blackboard 8, that’s been in place for some years.

There are searchable online help options built into both the student and instructor modules, and these are excellent resources to use to address specific questions and issues that may arise.  Blackboard also provides access to an extensive suite of video tutorials to which BB users can link from within their courses.

In addition, we’ve recently been directed to some first-rate Blackboard video tutorials made available by, the software training and tutorial video library; these can be accessed for free via Columbia University.  To navigate to these videos, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Log in with your UNI and password
  3. Type Blackboard in the “What would you like to learn?” search box towards the top of the screen

You’ll find that the first two results retrieved are for Blackboard 9.x Essential Training for Students and Blackboard 9.x Essential Training for Instructors.  In preparation for the launch of the new version and the need for support we anticipate in the fall, I’ve been viewing both of these video tutorials.  I’ve found them to be extremely clear, complete, and practical, and I strongly recommend them to both students and faculty.

Blackboard 9 incorporates definite improvements over Blackboard 8, and we think users of the LMS will be pleased with this upgrade.  As with any change of software, there will inevitably be some unfamiliar aspects with which instructors and students will need to familiarize themselves; we look forward to working closely with the Blackboard user community to promote comfort with and mastery of Blackboard 9.1 this fall and beyond.