Finding the Right Database

| May 29, 2010

The process of identifying the most appropriate database for your research, or the full range of  relevant databases, can seem a daunting task:  there are so many electronic resources available to Teachers College community members, and the numbers keep growing.  We’ve done some preliminary work on helping students and researchers make sense of what’s available through the Databases By Genre/By Department page on our website, at

These selected lists of resources categorize electronic resources by publication type–dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, guides to research and practice, etc.–and also by relevance for research within the College’s nine academic departments.  You can access these pages readily by clicking on the “by genre/dept” link, under LIBRARY RESOURCES, on the top page of the Gottesman website.

Watch for expanded versions of the Databases by Department listings during the summer.  We’re also engaged in the long-term project of identifying and listing resources relevant to each of the individual programs within the nine major TC departments, and we hope to be making these available over the coming academic year.

To find additional e-resources available through the Columbia University Libraries, visit the Databases page on the CUL website, at  The overall list can be searched by subject, by type of resource, or by title keyword, or through  a combination of two or more of these criteria.  Databases available to TC community members through the Columbia libraries constitute an important complement to our own library’s e-subscriptions.