Biobehavioral Sciences Research Guide

| August 10, 2010

This is a listing of databases of particular relevance for research and study in the Department of Biobehavioral Sciences; the databases correlate with the programs and disciplines within the department. Many of these databases cover the periodical literature in their respective fields, but some also provide citations and abstracts for books, book chapters, papers, reports, dissertations, and curriculum materials, as well as statistical and directory information, and some are full-text resources and collections of non-print materials of various kinds.  Virtually all of the periodical indexes listed below are enabled to provide linkage to full text e-journal articles when available.

There are several key databases that are critical for searching the literature in essentially all subject fields at the College; these include ERIC, Education Full Text, PsycINFO, ProQuest, Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, and Digital Dissertations. These resources are not separately included below, but they are essential for serious study in many or most of the programs in Biobehavioral Sciences.

This guide lists selected e-resources within the following categories:

Periodical Indexes

Research Encyclopedias

E-Collections (Text, Images, Sound)

Handbooks of Research

Reviews of Research



Periodical Indexes

APA PscyNET – Single search interface for PsycARTICLES, PsycBOOKS, PsycCRITIQUES, and PsycEXTRA (see E-Collections below).

Biological Abstracts – An index with abstracts to periodicals in biology and the life sciences. Provides access to biological and medical research findings, clinical studies, and discoveries of new organisms. Coverage is from 1969 to present and is international.  See also Biological Abstracts Archive databases covering 1926 through 1968.

ComDisDome – An indexing and abstracting tool covering the communications disorders literature, with focus on speech-language pathology and audiology.

Education Research Complete – Provides indexing and abstracts for more than 2,100 journals, as well as full text for more than 1,200 journals, and includes full text for nearly 500 books and monographs.

General Science Full Text – The H. W. Wilson science database comprised of abstracts, bibliographic indexing, and full text material from scholarly sources and specialized magazines. Indexing begins in 1984; full-text coverage in 1995.

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts – Abstracts and indexes the international literature in linguistics and related disciplines in the language sciences, including phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics; coverage from 1973 to present.

MLA International Bibliography – Indexes critical materials on literature, languages, linguistics, and folklore. Proved access to citations from worldwide publications, including periodicals, books, essay collections, working papers, proceedings, dissertations and bibliographies.

MEDLINE (Ovid) – Ovid MEDLINE covers the international literature on biomedicine, including the allied health fields and the biological and physical sciences, humanities, and information science as they relate to medicine and health care. Information is indexed from approximately 3,900 journals published world-wide.

MEDLINE, MEDLINE Daily, and MEDLINE In Process (1966 to Present) (now known as MEDLINE In-Process & Other Non-Indexed Citations) – This database consists of In-Process and PubMed-not-MEDLINE records from the National Library of Medicine  The In-Process records are ones that will be put into the Medline database after they have been enhanced with MeSH headings.  PubMed-not-MEDLINE records are records from journals found in PubMed but not selected for MEDLINE.

Physical Education Index – Covers peer-reviewed journals, report literature, conference proceedings, trade magazines, patents, and articles from the popular press on physical education and related fields, from 1970 to the present.

Professional Development Collection – Designed for professional educators, this database provides a highly specialized collection of nearly 520 high-quality education journals, including more than 350 peer-reviewed titles. The database also contains more than 200 educational reports.

Scopus – Abstract and citation database of peer-reviewed literature and quality web sources with smart tools to track, analyze, and visualize research.

Social Sciences Full Text – Provides coverage of English-language journals across social science disciplines, with indexing from 1983, abstracting from 1984, and select access to full text from 1984 to the present.

Web of Science Comprising the Arts & Humanities Citation Index, the Social Sciences Citation Index, and the Science Citation Index Expanded, this database supports searching by topic, author, or publication name, and is also a major means for doing cited reference searching, to find articles that cite a person’s work.

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Research Encyclopedias

AccessScience from McGraw-Hill (The Online Encyclopedia of Science and Technology) – Full access to over 8,500 articles, 115,000 dictionary terms, 15,000 illustrations and graphics, bibliographies containing more than 28,000 literature citations, and frequent research updates in all areas of science and technology.  Also includes biographies of more than 2,000 well-known scientists.

Encyclopedia of Disability – With contributions from more than 500 scholars, the work comprises some 1,000 entries that discuss issues of accessibility, arts, language, children and infants, deafness and deaf culture, disability studies, economics and employment, education, ethics, the experience of disability, health and medicine, politics, organizations, and sports, among other topics.

Encyclopedia of Education (2nd Edition) – The 2003 version of the classic resource in education and related fields.

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology (2nd Edition) – In more than 650 entries covers the entire spectrum of psychology, including notable people, theories and terms; landmark case studies and experiments; applications of psychology in advertising, medicine and sports; and career information.

International Encyclopedia of Linguistics (2nd Edition) – The 2004 edition of the Encyclopedia encompasses the full range of topics in linguistics, including such areas as historical, comparative, formal, mathematical, functional, philosophical, and sociolinguistics. Special attention is given to interrelations within these branches of the field and to relations of linguistics with other disciplines.

International Encyclopedia of the Social and Behavioral Sciences – This key reference work comprises 4,000 articles, commissioned by 52 Section Editors, and includes 90,000 bibliographic references as well as comprehensive name and subject indexes.

Learning and Memory (2nd Edition) – The 2003 edition of this resources provides an overview of the full range of current knowledge about learning and memory, revised from the 1992 edition. Features new articles and article updates that capture advances in the changing fields of memory, neuroscience, and cognition.

The Senses:  A Comprehensive Reference – 300 articles describing current knowledge on the anatomy, physiology, and molecular biology of sensory organs; topics covered include the perception, psychophysics, and higher order processing of sensory information, as well as disorders and new diagnostic and treatment methods.

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E-Collections (Text, Images, Sound)

BioMed Central – Provides access to 207 peer-reviewed open access biomedical research publications, including biology and medicine journal articles, current reports, and meeting abstracts.

Ebrary – Online books across a range of subject areas; searchable, under All Subjects, by Medicine, Science, etc., and various sub-topics, and by author, title, and other criteria.

Health Reference Center Academic – Provides access to articles on fitness, pregnancy, medicine, nutrition, diseases, public health, occupational health and safety, alcohol and drug abuse, HMOs, prescription drugs, etc.

Human Kinetics Journals – A collection of scholarly and professional journals spanning a variety of physical activity fields, among which we subscribe to the following titles:  Adapted Physical Activity Quarterly, International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism; Journal of Applied Biomechanics; Journal Of Sport and Exercise Psychology; Journal of Teaching In Physical Education; Pediatric Exercise Science; Quest; Sociology of Sport Journal; and Sport Psychologist.

MIT CogNet – An electronic community for scholarly research in the cognitive and brain sciences, including a library of journals, books, reference works, and conference materials.

NetAnatomy – Designed to teach human anatomy to students of the health professions, including undergraduate medical, health sciences, and nursing students; with sections on radiographic, cross-sectional, and gross anatomy.

PsycARTICLES – A full-text database of journals published by the American Psychological Association and other publishers in subject areas such as applied psychology, health, theory, research, social/personality, and more.

PsycBOOKS – A full text database of books published by the American Psychological Association, classic books, and entries from the Encyclopedia of Psychology.

PsycCRITIQUES – Full-text reviews of current books and some popular films, videos, and software, as well as comparative reviews of books in the field of psychology.

PsycEXTRA – A gray literature database comprised of material written for professionals and disseminated outside of peer-reviewed journals; documents include newsletters, magazines, newspapers, technical and annual reports, government reports, consumer brochures, and more.

SAGE Education Full-Text Collection – A subset of Sage Journals Online, this database provides access to and advanced searching of the full text of 36 education-related journals.

SAGE Psychology Full-Text Collection – Provides access to the full text of 34 psychology-related journals from SAGE Publications.

Whole Brain Atlas – The Harvard University Medical School’s introduction to basic neuroanatomy, with emphasis on the pathoanatomy of several leading central nervous system diseases.

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Handbooks of Research

Blackwell Reference Online – Provides full-text access to reference works in the social sciences and humanities; see research handbooks and companions in Linguistics, Psychology, and other subject areas.  Notable titles include The Handbook of Language and Speech Disorders and The Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development.

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Reviews of Research

Annual Reviews – Reviews of topics in biomedical, physical, and social sciences published as annual journals; see series for Medicine, Neuroscience, Physiology.

Review of Educational Research – A publication of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the RER publishes quarterly critical, integrative reviews of research literature bearing on education, including conceptualizations, interpretations, and syntheses of scholarly work.

Review of Research in Education A publication of the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the RRE provides an annual overview and descriptive analysis of selected topics of relevant research literature through critical and synthesizing essays.

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Health and Psychosocial Instruments (HAPI) – Information on approximately 15,000 measurement instruments (i.e. questionnaires, interview schedules, checklists, coding schemes, rating scales, etc.) in the fields of health and psychosocial sciences.

Mental Measurements Yearbook – Produced by the Buros Institute, this database contains extensive information about and reviews of all English-language standardized tests covering educational skills, personality, vocational aptitude, psychology, and related areas, as included in the printed Mental Measurements Yearbooks.

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