Printing at the Library

| September 28, 2011

It’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Gottesman Libraries as we welcome both new and returning students to the library.  The start of a new school year brings many members of the TC community to the first floor services desk asking for assistance in navigating the library and Teachers College. In an effort to bring more information to the community about library services we are going to answer frequently asked questions right here on Pressible! Of course you are still welcome at all times to stop by the desk and ask your questions.

By far the most common question we receive at the desk is…”how do I print?”

To print at Gottesman you must have money in your Flex account, but there are also other options for printing on the TC and CU campus that don’t require Flex dollars.

The computer labs at Teachers College are located at 242 Horace Mann and 345 Macy. The cost is $.05 per page and $.50 for color print outs. If you are printing at the labs you must have a credit/ debit card to set up an account.

As a student you have 20 free pages of printing per week, but this does not apply to the TC library printers. You must visit Columbia University campus libraries and labs to take advantage of this deal. For a list of computer labs, visit: http:/ The nearest lab is across the street at 251 Mudd.

For $35 per semester, you may upgrade to 100 pages per week. Visit 234 Horace Mann to sign up.

Now back to the Gottesman Libraries and the printers we work hard to please. Here are the steps to follow below:

1) You can put money on your ID card by going up to the second floor of the library and using the VTS, i.e. the Value Transfer Station (the black box) attached to the wall. Make sure you swipe your ID or flexcard with the magnetic stripe facing the right when you are looking at the box.

2) Select ‘print’ from any PC desktop computer in the library (we apologize that iMacs on the 2nd floor do not currently connect to printers). Choose your printer. RH1 and RH2 are newer models located on the 1st floor. Once you choose your printer click OK. Please note there is no wireless printing in the library.

3) Select ‘OK’ only when your print job properties display, showing the number of pages and cost of the job.

4) Type a release key to identify your document. You choose a random combination of numbers for your release key. ONLY USE NUMBERS.

5) Go to the printer where you sent your job and swipe your card with the magnetic stripe facing upwards. Follow the instructions on the electronic reader to release your print job.

As a part of TC’s Green initiative our printers are set to print double-sided automatically. To turn off this option, set “Duplex” to “Off” in the printing properties when you send your print job. I hope that’s helpful!