Library as Exhibition Space

| October 10, 2013

There are many ideas about what libraries should be in today’s world and what libraries should offer patrons. As the needs of libraries evolve with the ever changing landscape of technology and academia, libraries are exploring the different roles they can play. On this blog we recently wrote about the library as a publisher. On New Learning Times the library as a maker space was explored. On the EdLab blog the library as a digital center was discussed.

Another interesting role of libraries is the library as an exhibition space. Exhibitions give libraries an opportunity to celebrate significant events, display archival material and highlight special collections. Currently our library has a 125th anniversary of Teachers College exhibition on the third floor. Another library that has had many interesting exhibitions is NYPL. NYPL currently has an exhibition devoted to AIDS activism. Have you seen any interesting library exhibitions? Do you think curating and designing exhibitions is an important part of the work that libraries do?