How to find books at the library!

| November 7, 2011

In an effort to bring more information to the community about library services we are going to answer frequently asked questions right here on Pressible! Of course you are still welcome at all times to stop by the desk and ask your questions.

A question we receive often is how to find books at the library.  You can search for a book using EDUCAT, the TC library online catalog. You can search for books by doing a keyword search or entering the title, author, subject, Call #, or the ISBN/ISSN number of a book. The catalog result will tell you where the book is located, the call number of the book, and the status of the book.

If the location indicated is “Main” that means the book is located in the stacks, or on the second or third floor shelves.  If the location of the book says reserve, the book is located behind the desk and can be borrowed for two hours. If the book says ready ref, the book is located behind the desk and can also be taken for two hours. Reference books are located on the first floor next to the computers. To learn more about the differences between books on reserve, ready reference books, and reference books click here. To figure out the exact location of the book you are looking for, write down the call number and come to the first floor services desk. We have printed out directories that state where books are located within the library based on their call number. To learn more about searching EDUCAT click here.

We use the Library of Congress classification system here at the TC library. This system organizes books by subject. The call number on the side of the book, is the LC classification number assigned to that book. The first part of the call number indicates the subject of the book. The letter or letters refer to the broad subject of the book and the whole numbers following the letter or letters indicate the narrower subject of the book. The next part of the call number is a combination of numbers and letters. This represents the author’s last name. The last part of the number refers to the year of publication of the book. The diagram below from the Honolulu Community College Library illustrates how to read a call number.

If you have any trouble finding a book please stop by the services desk so we can help you find what you are looking for!