Getting ready for the Olympics

| July 13, 2012

The Summer Olympic games are approaching.

I absolutely loved the Olympics growing up. As a child I fantasized of being a gold medalist ice skater in the winter and a gold medalist gymnast in the summer. I loved the entertainment of the opening ceremony, the excitement of the competition, and the inspiring stories of the athletes. The spirit of the Olympics always made me feel that with enough determination and hard work, I could do anything!

Well, fast forward twenty years, and I have to admit I still enjoy watching the Olympics. But, I do understand that there is more to the Olympics than medals and a sense of accomplishment.

We have a number of interesting books relating to the Olympics in our Teachers College collection. So, if you are looking for some reading to get you ready for the 2012 London games feel free to check out the list below.

Chronicle of the Olympics 1896 – 2000, is a well reviewed book that provides a thorough overview of the Olympic games in the 20th century. This book includes both uplifting and disappointing Olympic moments and includes an impressive amount of beautiful photographs.

Post-Olympism: questioning sport in the twenty-first century by John Bale and Mette Krogh Christensen takes a thoughtful look at the controversies surrounding the Olympic games and questions the relevancy of the Olympics in today’s world.

A powerful book in our collection relating to the Olympics is, Silent Gesture: autobiography of Tommie Smith by Tommie Smith with David Steele. This book tells the story of Tommie Smith and the struggles he overcame to get to the Olympics. It takes a deep look at the compelling gesture Tommie Smith made on the Olympic podium and what the meaning of that gesture was.

These are just a few of the books we have in our library collection relating to the Olympics. We welcome you to conduct your own search in EDUCAT, our online catalogue.