Football season is upon us!

| November 8, 2011

On Monday while I was working at the first floor services desk, I remarked to a coworker of mine that the weather this past weekend was perfect Fall weather. It was not too warm yet not too cold, it was sunny and the leaves have changed colors. My coworker replied, “ahhh yes, football weather.” I asked if he played football, and he said he didn’t but he watched football every weekend from early September through to the Superbowl in February! We shared a laugh and instantly started talking about “our” teams. I have to admit that I didn’t understand the appeal of watching football until quite recently! For ages I felt that sitting indoors on a Sunday watching other people play a sport was quite boring and a waste of time. But over the last couple of years I joined millions of other Americans and began watching football on Sundays. As I got older, and my weekdays got busier, the idea of relaxing with friends in front of the T.V. seemed more enticing. Football is also a great excuse to indulge in an afternoon beer and to nosh on some fried food (these days I have a particular fondness for jalapeno poppers). Football is also a great way to instantly bond with strangers. It serves as a nice conversation topic at dinner parties and other events where one must mingle with strangers. It can also be a way to show your hometown spirit!! I am from NY and have a lot of NY pride! When I cheer for the NY Giants and the NY Jets, I am letting everyone know that I love NY!

As a more recent fan of football, there is a lot that I still don’t know about the game! I began to wonder if the TC library may help me learn more about the sport! After doing a basic keyword search for football in EDUCAT, I found a number of books about football that look both informative and interesting!

The Story of Football by Dave Anderson, appealed to me right away because it discusses both the history of football and different aspects of the game. The books is written at grade level 4 – 6, and is a quick read that provides a good introduction to football.

If you are interested in learning more about the history of football, you may want to check out The Man who Built the National Football League by Chris Willis. This book focuses on the second president of the NFL, Joe F. Carr, who is credited with making football a successful sport in America.

If you have an interest in architecture and urban planning, then you may enjoy the book  Football Stadiums by Tom Owens. This book focuses on football arenas with a unique  focus on honoring the past while moving into the future.

Another book that is worth checking out is The meaning of sports: why Americans watch baseball, football, and basketball and what they see when the do by Michael Mandelbaum. Michael Madlebaum is a well respected foreign policy thinker. In this book he provides a thoughtful look at why people enjoy watching sports!