For Halloween: Educate, then Entertain

| October 29, 2010

Credit: Awen Photography

Hallowe’en is upon us. Most of us are too old to go trick-or-treating, including myself. This is hard for me to admit; access to a younger brother allowed me to gather candy in my small-town Maine neighborhood as late as age 23. I painted my face and concealed my height behind my preteen group of companions.

My mother made wonderful costumes for me as a child. I was She-Ra, a pumpkin, and a wizard (and this was pre-Harry Potter), but my shining moment was my Raggedy Ann costume. I even wore a red yarn wig that my patient mom had created by crocheting red yarn onto a hair net.

Here’s a couple links for the adults who want to get in the “spirit” this weekend:

First, learn something about the evolution of the holiday, “From Pagan Ritual to Party Night,” from our e-book collection.

Then, sit back with some chocolate and watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, which is currently free to view on Hulu. I watched this one many times in childhood, but I never realized just how sad it is. Chalk it up to growing up.