Adding RSS Feeds to Blackboard

At this year’s Baruch Teaching and Technology conference, I attended a session on how to insert RSS feeds in Blackboard.

For those unfamiliar, RSS or Real Simple Syndication is a feed format that can be aggregated with a reader like Google Reader or on a website, like in Blackboard. Once you subsribe to a feed from a blog, vlog, Twitter or any URL where you see the RSS symbol (shown above) in your browser, you’ll be able to monitor all new content without ever visiting the source.

An amazing amount of content on the web has an available RSS feeds. The U.S. Department of Education, PBS Video, the Library of Congress, Inside Higher Ed and many more sites provide content that may be applicable for a course. My favorite, though, is RSS feeds from research databases. For example, Ebsco, the vendor that hosts Eric,  Academic Search Premier and others, allows users to create a search or journal alert and then subscribe to that alert via RSS. This means that a professor could, for example, pull all new articles on “cell phones in the classroom” or all articles from the journal Education Week into a Blackboard course.

For those who did not get to attend the Baruch conference, you’re in luck. I found many tutorials on Youtube that show, step-by-step, how to aggregate RSS in Blackboard:

On a side note, TC instructional staff who wish to teach a course in Blackboard should send an email to the and include:

1) the course ID
2) the official course title
3) the section #
4) the CRN.