Snow and Books

| January 20, 2011

Snow is an odd form of precipitation – its lumpy yet its light, its soft yet its bitingly cold… it makes me wanna run out into it and make a snowman or hide under a nice warm blanket reading a good book. Perhaps its that time of the year again but i find myself following easily with the later option. Tis’ the season to lust after the reading you have been yearning to do for the entire year so I want to share some stuff off of my reading list to perhaps encourge you to do the same.

One my favorite things to read are about the zodiac signs and connecting them to the new people I have met in my life. Linda Goodman’s ‘Sun Signs‘ is a treat for any given day that involves being stuck indoors because of a pending blizzard. Her writing style is most interesting, and she allows you to imagine a person you know fairly well with attributes described in a hilariously accurate way. The other good thing about this book is that you can jump through it as and when you please. If you get bored or feel uninspired leaf through the next 100 pages till something catches your fancy.

I am a die-hard romantic and have a propensity to read and re-read romantic classics like ‘Love Story‘ by Erich Segal, well only that one I guess. This book takes a good 3-hour read and will compel you to shed the tears you wanted to shed earlier in the day because you found out that you were not in sunny, balmy  Hawaii. Another great range of books to read are autobiographies – especially of people you like , admire or secretly aspire to be. This might take a little more effort but can be totally worth it, looking out into the snow has a reflective component, it allows us to stare at white nothingness and sometime hit on new perspectives. Reading biographies and autobiographies and looking out into a white winter land can be a a rewarding self-reflection journey. My favorites, most of which have not been read at this time, are – Gandhi, Mandela, Shahrukh Khan and Obama.

I really have no great reading advice if you’re outside somewhere and there are snow flakes falling on your nose…but I do have great advice to start a snow fight with a random stranger :)