2011 and New Year Resolutions ~

| January 4, 2011

This is my 6th new year as a student and I have to say as many of you have just read that first line and done a silent awwww in your head, it’s actually quite fantastic.I have a lot to look forward to in 2011 and nothing pleases me more than sharing my new year resolutions with other broke- idealism filled student mates of mine.Which means that travel, a tattoo, skydiving are not far fetched goals for the new year :)

And just to be clear, I am a big believer in new year resolutions, maybe it has something to do with getting used the idea of arranging and then re-arranging your life to suit the preferences of graduate school, the dream job or maybe a compulsive habit that psychologists will finally diagnose me with 20 years from now. Sigh.. where was I .. ah yes ! My new year resolution is not to break my new year resolution ( hardy har har , I don’t get it ) it is in fact a report card of my success and failures.

Resolutions allow comparative study of  marked progress in ways that sometimes require reflection and deeper understanding. This involves effort unfortunately which can not be encouraging in the least bit but, I have found a startling pattern of resolutions emerging from the company you chose to be with and the environment that surrounds you. In the process of un-layering my comparative study I have found goals I aspire for today deviate far from my expectations of what and who I imagined myself to be 6 years ago. My grand assumption is that the people I interact with at jobs I have worked and friends that I have made have influenced my goal orientation considerably. Being a student of social sciences this is a rather casual discovery however, whats interesting is the motivation towards that goal.

For example, This year marks the beginning of my second year as an employee in the Gottessman Library and for some reason several of my goals concern information seeking, research and fact driven analysis. Coincidence ? Probably. Previously, my goals concerned career tactics and academic scholarship, primarily I feel to sustain the long haul of still being a graduate student. My motivation comes from the environment I was surrounded with, which at the time was also scholarly and job-focused simultaneously. In another case my mom is a recently recovering cancer patient. Her primary resolutions focus around valuing relationships and cherishing an opportunity when it presents itself. Again, this could be coincidence but looking at the motivation towards the goal, the highlighted difference can only be rendered if we compare our resolutions within the last year’s objectives. In the previous year she was at the pinnacle¬† of her goals with a driven career and a lasted expectation to travel and have new experiences.

2011 could be the year for you but if you’re seeing a pattern in what I am saying here ~ define yourself before something else defines you.