The question of role-models…

| March 9, 2011

An ex-student emailed me today to ask if I would participate in a study he was doing about whether celebrities were good role models for our young people. This really had me thinking as I know there are really good role-models in some of the celebrities we see on our screens, both big and small.

However, what perturbed me was when he asked if I was following the Charlie Sheen news,  I laughingly replied : “Yes, I am on that drug called Charlie Sheen!”  he then asked what I thought of Mr Sheen as role-model for my sons aged 11 and 12….hmmmm…..not so funny anymore.

I have been following the news with much interest as the Sheen show is HUGE in my line of favorites! And I think he is hilarious – yet, at the same time I am raising two tween boys, one who will be a teenager in the next days…so it does give pause to think – like why do I think he is hilarious (as often his real life mimics his on-screen character) – so why can we laugh at that? And does that condone his behaviour of drug abuse and sexual promiscuity? What do I teach my boys about this? And is it hypocritical of me to enjoy the raunchiness of what has become the “Charlie Sheen” drug, yet tell my boys that his behaviour is unacceptable??
Tough call – I think the way I see it is that he is a celebrity and his life is seemingly an extension of his TV show – but if he was to be a member of my family that would be too close to home – and I would have a couple of words to say to that! What about morals; values and raising young men to be good men?

Sigh…the dilemma! I’d be interested to hear what others think of this.