Make John Dewey your Facebook friend…

| February 16, 2011

Two days ago, a friend of mine posted on her wall that she and John Dewey were now facebook friends… Ohhhhkaaaayy.

I called her to check if she was doing well and if the stress and cold of the season had actually gotten to her…but she was quite sane and said, “no really, see for yourself!” And I did.

I searched the name – and there he was, quite literally larger than life – John Dewey in the, well, digital, flesh!  This find had me wondering – why would someone start a facebook page for John Dewey – sure, he is legendary, but surely his name and work is enough without him having a facebook account. I got a weird feeling, like when my dad said he was going to start an account and “friend” me…

But I persisited and delved deeper into Dewey’s account:

To date he has 112 friends, many of whom are faculty and serious doctoral students at Teachers College , as well as some folk quite high up on the administrative ranks here at TC. He lives at Teachers College, in the Gottesman Library, to be precise, and on his wall someone has invited him to come bake cupcakes…hmmm…

His wall posts are very normal – his status messages reads:

want green drop drink

is enjoying the sound of the rain on the roof

is bright-eyed and bushy tailed

is gearing up for the huge party tonight!

He seems just like the rest of us – normal sometimes, and not so normal other times…

This find has made me wonder if the social networking emphasis in life has hit such highs that the greats like Dewey is out there competing too? I wonder, does he tweet?   And more so, I wonder if he looks at us educators with kind eyes as we meander through the struggles of academic life in the hope of making a change,  in the hopes of reconstructing the the school system and the society we live in.

Check out Dewey’s Facebook page at!/profile.php?id=1008600316 and decide if you will friend him or not.