How did it get to be…?

| October 14, 2010

I have worked in the Gottesman library since 2007 – most of it on the second floor – and always love to see the beginning of this time of the semester. The time when the look in the students’ eyes becomes panicky; a little glazed over; and sometimes show simple and blatant uninhibited fear. There are more chairs occupied and even in the collaboration space there is a hushed silence and a glaring at those who dare speak in a normal tone of voice.  It becomes increasingly difficult to evict patrons at 11pm when the library closes, and security officers have to ask them to leave in menacing voices…

Yes, you guessed it! It’s MIDTERMS…!

Comes around twice a year and catches us unawares each time, even for those who have been here for a while…one minute we are fluterring around like social butterflies at the introductory events on campus, next thing you know some professor has a hit list…and your name is on it!

Advice from the seasoned:


Sleep well

Plan your sechedule

Stick to the schedule

Finish your assignments as best you can

And remember:

There will be another Midterm in roughly six months! Plan Ahead!