Educating our Black children : new directions and radical approaches

| May 11, 2011

Title: Educating our Black children : new directions and radical approaches

Author :  Richard Majors (Ed)

Publisher: London   New York : Routledge/Falmer

Call number: LC2806.G7 E39 2001

From the Publisher:

Exclusion and miseducation of black children is endemic in the US and UK. This book takes a long, hard look at the two countries and uncovers what they can learn from each other in their approaches to tackling this problem. The material in the book is the result of extensive work with educators, researchers and scholars working in the area of education and disaffection in the US and the UK.
Richard Majors and his contributors are at the vanguard of research into this topic and this book is one of the most important titles published on the education of black children in recent times.
Gathering together the issues and looking at real-world approaches, this book does not simply advance the debate: it tables some serious solutions to serious problems.
This is a ground-breaking book based on cutting-edge research from writers and experts recognised the world over for their expertise. People will take note of what this book has to say.

About the author:

Dr Richard Majors, is currently the Director of the Applied Centre of Emotional Literacy Leadership and Research and Director of Innovation at Wolverhampton college. Dr Richard Majors is a former visiting Leverhulme scholar at Manchester University. He is also an educational psychologist, he is involved in conducting research and workshops in the area of emotional literacy, social inclusion and managing difficult behaviours in various schools and colleges. Dr Majors has also carried out extensive research in the USA and the UK on race, class and gender. He is founder of the Journal of African American Studies (formerly, the Journal of African American Men). A former Harvard Medical School Clinical fellow, Dr Majors has met with members of the Clinton Administration to discuss youth policy and his work on males and race in the US was submitted by the publisher for a Pulitzer Prize. Within the UK, he has been involved with the Government on a range of initiatives and was a member of the Ministerial Educational Task Force on Social Inclusion. Dr Majors has written a number of books on the black male. His book Cool pose, was a bestseller and is one of the most cited books in USA literature on race and gender.

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