Thicker than water

| January 23, 2011

Title: Thicker than water : essays by adult siblings of people with disabilities
Don Meyer
Bethesda, MD : Woodbine House, c2009
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From the publisher:
Thicker than Water is a collection of 39 essays written by adults who have a sibling who is affected by a physical, cognitive, or mental disability. The intent of the collection is to share with the reader the diverse experiences, thoughts and feelings adults of various ages have towards their siblings with disabilities. It is specifically aimed at other brothers and sisters who, through reading the essays, will meet others with similar experiences…
Riding on the success of his previous books for child and teen siblings of people with disabilities, Don Meyer, the creator of Sibshops workshops for brothers and sisters of exceptional children, now reaches out to adult siblings in Thicker than Water. Presented as a compilation of short essays composed by the siblings themselves, the book’s piecemeal style is reminiscent of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Yet other than its similar format, Thicker than Water is far from a touchy-feely read. As Meyer himself emphasizes in the introduction, ‘readers will find that authors’ experiences are anything but monolithic…they have a deep, abiding love for their sibs who have disabilities, but it is a devotion that is never easy.’ ” Read more

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About the editor: The editor, Don Meyer, is the director of the Sibling Support Project, a U.S.-based project concerned with the lifelong issues of siblings with special needs.

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If you’re interested in families–any families–you’ll find rich, revealing treasures in these pages. And if you’re a citizen of the Disability Nation, by blood, marriage, or voluntary alliance, welcome home.”
-Judy Karasik, co-author, with the graphic novelist Paul Karasik, of The Ride Together: A Brother and Sister’s Memoir of Autism in the Family.