Post-Pandora? Human Music Advisory services

I recently read about a new music advisory service created by two public librarians out of Jacksonville Public Library. The Personalized Playlist concept is simple. Music lovers looking for new tunes answer some on line questions about music, bands, and songs they like and don’t like.  Within a few days, the librarians at JPL email their suggestions to you and post them on their WordPress blog. Anyone reading this probably understands about WordPress blogs, but the ability to see other people’s playlists and the quotes from allmusic describing the recommendations make this a potentially very cool site.

A way to find new (or old) music without having to sweat it out late night in Bburg? Without having to subject yourself to pretentious music store clerks?  For free? Even if I don’t have access to that library? Yup. No commercial algorithms. No weirdo Amazon recommendations based on the Civil War book you bought your dad three Christmases ago. Just a few librarians trying to hook you up with music you like. But how good are they?

Pretty darn good, as it turns out. I am always looking for new electronic music and recently, I’ve been on a heavy metal kick. (I blame the Mets.)  These librarians delivered.
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Check it out.

**Please note this service exists to connect citizens of  Jacksonville with their public library’s music collection; the recommendations are somewhat influenced by what they have at their library.**