Library Super Services: Borrow-able Technologies

This mini series of posts about “super” library services is to highlight some of the interesting, hidden, under-utilized, etc. services of the Gottesman library at TC. There are many unique services and resources here at TC –this list is by no means exhaustive. I’m choosing some of my favorites but if anyone would like to see something specific highlighted, please let me know.

Did you know… students have access to all this stuff through the TC library?

1. Computers: Desktops, laptops and printers

I’m stating the obvious but incase you haven’t visited the library… desktops are on the 1st-3rd floors. Laptops (and accessories) are available at the service desk and can be borrowed from the library in six hour intervals. (TC id is required and held during borrowing period).

Also pretty obvious but there  printer/copiers on floors 1-4.  To print, students need to have money on their TC id or have a printing/copy card from the VTS machine. Isn’t it wild that we’ve started revolutions  through social network technology but it’s still so hard to get a paper to print?  We know, and we have printing guides at the front desk to coach you, highly recommended for first-timers!

Information you’ll wish you knew:
The laptop password= password.
Flash/USB drives are required for saving personal documents locally.
Documents can only be sent to printers from the desktops.

2. Hand-held recording devices

Are you a beat journalist hunting for a scoop? Do you play one on TV? Nothing can help capture embarrassing conversation and behind the scenes banter like one of these easy to conceal devices. Ever consider blackmail as a student loan payoff strategy?  The more you know…

3. Cameras

Here’s what you can do with the video camera equipment available at TC.  (Ok, shameless plug…I just love that.)  Seriously, students can borrow a webcam, video camera, tripod, lighting equipment, a black screen and SLR cameras that have video recording capabilities. We would love to post any of your creations on Pressible—please pop by the Pressible service desk on the 2nd floor for more info.

Gottesman Libraries also makes available a few Sony CyberShot DSC-H2 digital cameras that can be checked out for 2 hours at a time from the service desk. These cameras have a setting for recording a movie with sound, however, there are other options at the school for assistance with higher-level video production. (See below for more info on that.) TC also has a flip video camera (hand-held) available for student use.

TC’s Video Services office (Rm 262 Macy, ext: 3359) is open Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. They distribute video cameras (both digital and analog), tripods, and mics for TC community video productions.

4. Wireless Microphones
Because at TC, safety comes first! TC has wireless mics available for use in rooms RH 305 and RH 306.  Note, the mics are calibrated specifically for each room so make sure you get the right one.

5. Conference phones– These are available for check out at the front desk. You will need to get a department code to enable phone calls from these phones, or connect to your cell phone. There are directions on how to use them in the box.

6. DVD/VHS stations
Wanna take a break from studying to watch your old dance recitals?  You can! On the second floor of the library, behind the Pressible service desk you’ll find VHS/DVD carrols.

7. Scanners– available for student use in the Reading Room (105) on the 1st floor.

8. Screen sharing (2nd floor)
Project the image on your laptop for your friends. For use with both Mac and PC platforms.

9. Microfilm/Microfiche: In the rare case you can’t find a hard or digital copy of a journal article, you may be charged with learning how to drive on of these. Don’t fear! These machines are meaner than they look and staff at the front desk can help you work them so please, ask us for help.

10. Adaptive Technology Labs:
There are 2 on campus: 101  on the first floor of the library and in 301 Zankel.  They provide access to over 25 assistive technology programs, installed on five workstations.  A full description of the available resources can be found on the library’s website and also here.

(Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to register with the Office of Access and Services for Individuals with Disabilities (OASID).