Ignored, Shunned, and Invisible: How the Label Retarded has Denied Freedom and Dignity to Millions

| May 12, 2011

Title: Ignored, Shunned, and Invisible : How the Label  Retarded  has Denied Freedom and Dignity to Millions
Author: J. David Smith
Publisher: Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2009
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From the publisher: A gripping exploration of mental retardation told through historical vignettes and through the life of one man, Jonathan Lovelace, whose life was marred by needless institutionalization and sterilization, and his experiences after being sent back into a world for which he was unprepared after 25 years of institutionalization.  Read more…

About the author: David Smith earned both baccalaureate and graduate degrees from Virginia Commonwealth University. He was awarded a second master’s degree and his doctorate from Columbia University. His professional experience includes work as a public school teacher, counselor, professor, dean and provost. He has made numerous invited presentations to national and international audiences and regularly contributes to the professional literature on education, human services, and public policy through journal articles. He is the author of eleven books. One of the integrating themes of Dave Smith’s research and writing has been a concern for the rights and dignity of people with disabilities.

On the web: “Utilizing insights from friends, parents, teachers, and special education experts—as well as fictional characters in literature and real people—the author provides a gripping picture of the damage caused by prevailing attitudes about mental retardation. The book uses the true story of John Lovelace, a man who was diagnosed as retarded as a child, institutionalized, and sterilized, to illustrate the struggles of those people saddled with an identity they did not choose.”
–SciTech Book News