An Oscar Education

| February 27, 2011

What: The 83rd Academy Awards (the Oscars)
When: February 27th (this Sunday, 8pm in NYC)
Who: Anne Hathaway and James Franco co-host

What else: You may have already known all of that. But what else do you know about this year’s Oscar nominees? Here at TC, we believe in teacher preparedness. Taking the short Oscar quiz may help you:
a) get up to speed on the nominees
b) increase the amount of insignificant trivia you already know
c) teach you something scandalous about James Franco
d) all of the above

In an attempt to make this a fair assessment, I’ve included some modifications for advanced students of the Oscars: click here or here for more sophisticated quizzes. They will not be graded on a curve so proceed at your own risk.

*This quiz was created based on common knowledge,  information from Wikipedia,, IMDb, and all of the other linked sources in this post.*

true grit(1) Which of these feature films is NOT nominated for Best Picture?

a. The King’s Speech b. The Kids Are All Right c. Alice in Wonderland d. True Grit

(2) Which nominee for best picture was based on a book called Accidental Billionaire by Ben Mezrich?

a. The Fighter b. 127 Hours c. The Social Network d. Inception

(3) Which Oscar themed snack does NOT fit into this year’s party?

a. Blackened Swan b. True Corn Grits c. A Serious Mango d. The King’s Peach

annette benning(4) Which of the nominees for best actress in a leading role has never before this year been nominated for an Oscar? (The photo is not necessarily a clue.)

a. Michele Willliams b. Natalie Portman c. Annette Benning d. Jennifer Lawrence

(5) Which nominee for best documentary feature is inspired by the artist of this work?
a. Gasland
b. Exit Through the Gift Shop
c. Inside Job
d. Waste Land

(6) Which nominee for best actress in a supporting role is 14 years old?

a. Melissa Leo b. Hailee Steinfeld c. Jacki Weaver d. Amy Adams

(7) Which nominee for best actor in a leading role is from Queens, NY?

a. Jeff Bridges

b. James Franco

c. Jesse Eisenberg

d. Colin Firth

(8) Which crime has James Franco admitted to committing to as a teenager? james franco

a. stealing cologne b. pyromania c. car jacking d. graffiti

(9) Toy Story 3 is the third animated film to be nominated for best picture. Which other two have also been nominated?

a. Beauty and the Beast and Up

b. The Lion King and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

c. WALL-E and Fantasia

d. Ice Age and Shrek

10) The Academy Awards ceremony has been postponed three times. Which is NOT one of the reasons for this?
a.1938 due to flooding

b.1968 due to the funeral of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr.

c.1981 due to the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan

d. 2003 due to the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster


(1) c. Alice in Wonderland is up for Art Direction, however.) (2) c. (3) c. A Serious Man(go) was nominated for 2 Oscars in 2009 4) d. (5) b. (6) b. (7) c. (8) a. (9) a. (10) d.