A Google a Day

| May 23, 2011

Dear Google,

I’m sure you already know this, but for many undergraduate and graduate students around the country and world, the semester is over. For a lot of us, that means an end to classes, exams, research, constant engagement with scholarly material, reading, maybe even thinking for a while. Summer is synomous with slowing down, taking it easy and for some, even falling behind.  Sure, the motivated find ways to keep busy (read: office chair races, brainstorming new strategies for concealing beer cans in paper bags)  but for many, the summer is about plain old-fashioned procrastination.

But not you google.

Summertime blues don’t stop you from keeping our calendars up-to-date, our emails from being sent or our documents from opening. Extreme humidity and rolling brown outs don’t prevent you from reconnecting us after our mid-day naps and visits to Mr. Softee’s truck.

Every day through the seasons you help us use you. We jump in, grab what we need (even if it’s misspelled )and then we’re off to the next thing without so much as a second thought to how you’ve been or what you’ve been up to. So many of us are out of touch with your newest projects, and have no idea about what lurks beneath the “more” button.

Do we ever even give you the chance to do an advanced search for us? Not likely.   And still, you produce.

Well this google fan is writing to recognize your work and congratulate you on one of your new projects. Summer doldrums are a thing of the past, thanks to  A Google A Day.  A Google a Day is a reminder that we should spend a few minutes each day to think about our vocabulary, geography, and what the flags of the nations of our world have in common. It’s a reminder that multi step math word problems are fun and useful! Why just the other day I was in a situation where I needed to know how many stacked dollar bills would enable me (5’2”) to slam dunk a basketball!
A Google a Day is the perfect summer alternative to inky crossword puzzles or a-puzzle-a-day desk calendars. (Nothing against desk calendars, it’s just that desks often require jobs and you know how things are right now.)

You may be wondering if I picked up on the intention behind the name. Will A Google a Day keep the doctor away, as the old saying goes? Of course it will, you always deliver!  There are oodles of health benefits involved with using you, (not that I needed any incentive.)  Surely, you’ve read the medical studies that have been done that suggest using you may actually delay cognitive decline, enhance brain function and even contain the growth of troublesome amyloid plaques. I don’t know about anyone else, but I sure can use some hobbies that are fun, good for me and make me smarter.

In closing, thanks google. Thanks for everything.

Your friend,