Educator Resources: The 1619 Project

| August 20, 2019

New York Times MagazineThe 1619 Project is an event organized by The New York Times that challenges us to reframe U.S. history by marking the year 1619 as the foundation of the nation, alongside the 400th anniversary of a Portuguese slave ship arriving at Port Comfort in the British Colony of Virginia. The project coincides with a special New York Times Magazine issue that covers the beginning of American slavery and its legacy, often glossed over in news media and school curriculum.

As an education partner, The Pulitzer Center provides educational resources for teachers looking to incorporate The 1619 Project into their curriculum, and includes free lesson plans, classroom activities, and teaching materials. You can find the full offering of curriculum materials on their website, and learn more about The 1619 Project at the New York Times and at the Columbia Journalism Review.