(Her) Stories: Women’s Memoirs

I wanted IMG_0217to curate a collection on women’s memoirs because of my interest in personal histories and their impact on communities. These stories can teach us about our neighbors, ourselves, and our collective hopes and dreams. Personal narratives can also offer a voice to those whose voices are not always heard. As a performer studying Playback theater, a improvisational theater technique that enacts or “plays-back” the shared personal experiences of audience members, I have witnessed how telling/ re-telling a story, and being acknowledged can be empowering for the storyteller and the listener.

The collection includes works from a diverse section of storytellers and stories. Narratives like Katie Heaney’s Never Have I Ever, describe hilarious missteps in dating and forming romantic relationships. Other narratives like Harriet Ann Jacob’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl or The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank are essential documents that depict atrocities and violence, and caution us against seeing other people as less than human.

Need Inspiration? A study break? Come browse the collection in the 2nd floor reading room.

Or browse these EBook titles:

Lorde, Audre. Zami, a New Spelling of My Name. Crossing Press, 1982. EBook.


Obama, Michelle. Becoming. Crown Publishing Group, 2018. EBook.


Weaver, Lila Quintero. Dark Room: A Memoir in Black and White. University of Alabama Press, 2012. EBook.


Bek, Anna; Rassweiler, Anne D and Lindenmeyer, Adele. Life of a Russian Woman Doctor: A Siberian Memoir, 1869-1954. Indiana University Press, 2004. EBook.


Gary, Janice. Short Leash: A Memoir of Dog Walking and Deliverance. Michigan State University Press, 2013. Ebook.


Bibi, Asia and Tollet, Anne-Isabelle. Blasphemy: A Memoir: Sentenced to Death Over a Cup of Water. Chicago Review Press, 2013. EBook.


Mire, Soraya and Ensler, Eve. The Girl with Three Legs: A Memoir. Chicago Review Press, 2011. EBook.