Linked Jazz releases video

| December 16, 2012

Do you like data? Do you like jazz? Then you’ll love Linked Jazz, a project based at the Pratt Institute School of Information and Library Science.

What is Linked Jazz, you say? I’m glad you asked.

Linked Jazz is a project investigating the potential of the application of Linked Open Data (LOD) technology to enhance the discovery and visibility of digital cultural heritage materials. More specifically, the project focuses on digital archives of jazz history to expose relationships between musicians and reveal their community’s network. The goal of this project is to help uncover meaningful connections between documents and data related to the personal and professional lives of musicians who often practice in rich and diverse social networks. Furthermore, the tools and methods under development as part of this project have the potential to be applied in many different contexts.

We’ve developed a variety of tools that have the potential to be applied in manifold contexts to describe specific social relationships within networks of people. These tools include a name mapping and curation tool, a transcript analyzer, and a crowdsourcing tool that allows jazz experts and enthusiasts to classify relationships among jazz artists.

Linked Jazz has enjoyed a recent surge of activity. We were recently highlighted on the blog. We also recently submitted the above video to the LODLAM Challenge in the hopes of having the chance to attend LODLAM 2013.

This means if you’ve decided that you like Linked Jazz, you can help support us by liking us on the LODLAM Challenge Entries page, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for your support!