How To: Requesting Materials for e-reserve

| January 12, 2012

The semester is about to begin, and if you’re a faculty member, you may be wondering how to put the articles and chapters you’ve been collecting for your courses this semester on e-reserve for your students. Luckily, the library website has a fantastic FAQ on just this subject! You can access the faculty guide to requesting materials here.

You can use the Course Reserves system to request essentially any materials you are interested in for your courses or for your own research. Just log in, click “make a request” in the top right corner, and fill out the form that comes up.

A useful bit of information was just passed on to me from Allen Foresta, one of our highly knowledgeable reference librarians here at TC: faculty can actually share materials that they have requested with their colleagues. This means if you are teaching a course for which you would like to use materials that were previously put on e-reserve by a colleague of yours, you can ask that colleague to share that material with you instead of requesting it yourself.  To share material with a colleague, just log into Course Reserves and click on the first drop-down menu on the page. You should see an option to share material with a colleague there.

Good luck to everyone with the beginning of the semester!