Library of Congress National Jukebox

Amazing! Check it out! The Library of Congress has been making some of their historical music collections available for listening. A lot of the music that’s currently available was recorded between 1901 and 1925. Much of it is pre-microphone acoustical recording…like, playing music into a giant horn:

The other super exciting feature on this website is the Victrola Book of the Opera which is a digitized and interactive copy of an opera compilation book published in 1919. You can page through the text and then listen to recordings of the arias on the National Jukebox. I’m super enthralled with the Jukebox. The music is streaming only and not available for download, so for now it’s missing the versatility and play-withability that make the Internet Archive’s historical recordings so rich and fabulous.  It will hopefully and probably evolve from the straight digital archive it currently represents, but as it stands it’s solid, huge and fun to explore.