Check It Out! Style Guide

| September 9, 2010

Post Title:<Title of Book>

Title: <title in bold>
Author: <First Name Middle Initial. Last Name; also include forward by, or editor info if it is a compilation or reader>
Publisher: <Publishing Location: Publisher, Year of publication>
Check It Out: <Call Number linked to Library Catalog record>

From the Publisher: <link to publisher’s website about the book>: copy and paste the publisher’s summary paragraph of the book.

About the Author:

<First Name {middle initial} Last Name><link name to author’s bio> either copy and paste from the bio, or summarize a few key details like where they are also published and

On the Web:

Search with the title and author for extra information on the book such as:

book reviews

Google Books preview

Author Interviews

link to those Reviews, if the review is only available as a pdf, please indicate that in your link text

Choosing Tags:

In the Catalog Record under the “Find Similar Items” tab you will see Subject. ┬áThese are Library of Congress Subject Headings you can use them to help you generate tags.

Choosing Categories:

Make sure to select whether the title you are adding is a book or an e-book on the Categories list.