Predicative Minds

| August 27, 2010

Title: Predicative minds: the social ontogeny of propositional thinking
Author: Radu J. Bogdan
Publisher: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, c2009.
Check it Out:  BF441 .B625 2009

From the Publisher: The predicative mind singles out and represents an item in order to attribute to it a property, a relation, an action, an evaluation; it thinks, and says, of a house that it is big, of a car that it is to the left of the house, of a cat that it is about to jump, of a hypothesis that it is plausible. The capacity to predicate appears to be neither innate nor learned, yet it is universal among humans. Puzzling in evolutionary, developmental, and philosophical terms, the mental competence for predication still awaits a coherent and plausible explanation. In this exploration of the predicative roots of human thinking, Radu Bogdan takes up the challenge.

About the Author: Radu J. Bogdan is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Cognitive Studies Program at Tulane University and Visiting Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at Bilkent University. He is the author of Minding Minds (2000) and Interpreting Minds (1997), both published by the MIT Press.

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