On Compromise and Rotten Compromises

| July 27, 2010

Title: On compromise and rotten compromises
Author: Avishai Margalit
Publisher: Princeton : Princeton University Press, c2010
Check it Out: BJ1431 .M28 2010

From the Publisher: When is political compromise acceptable–and when is it fundamentally rotten, something we should never accept, come what may? What if a rotten compromise is politically necessary? Compromise is a great political virtue, especially for the sake of peace. But, as Avishai Margalit argues, there are moral limits to acceptable compromise even for peace. But just what are those limits? At what point does peace secured with compromise become unjust? …

About the Author: Avishai Margalit’s most recent book (with Ian Buruma) is “Occidentalism: The West in the Eyes of Its Enemies” (Penguin). His other books include “The Ethics of Memory” and “The Decent Society”. A professor emeritus of philosophy at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Margalit is the George F. Kennan Professor at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton.

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