ResearchBroker: Get hands on experience conducting research with professionals in education

| April 22, 2013

Education is a field of study in which people have opinions – usually strong ones. To improve our understanding of the field of education and its practices, research is often needed. Research, of course, serves many purposes. According to Educational Research: A Guide To the Process by Norman E. Wallen, Jack R. Fraenkel (2011), a major purpose of research is to provide evidence to help identify which opinions have more validity than others. A second purpose of research is to help develop better ways of thinking about the field of education.

This Summer, consider getting hands on experience conducting research with professionals in education. To help connect you to companies and organizations looking for skilled researchers, look no further than Research Broker.

Research Broker aims to connect researchers at Teachers College, Columbia University with the companies and organizations who are looking for researchers to analyze data, study their system or design a research study. In this way, the researchers can get hands on experience working with professionals in the education industry and also potentially use the research towards their thesis or dissertation.

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Research Broker is developed by the Edlab at Teachers College, Columbia University.