Walk on!

| March 11, 2011

Recently,  I came across a video when I was searching for my research ideas. I was touched and inspired by the story and would like to pass it on and share it with you.

A perfect video for those who often excuse themselves for not having enough time, not having enough money, or not smart enough to deal with issues that they encounter.


The video reminds me a lot of myself and people around me. We often put off things for different reasons using different excuses and avoid confronting challenges and making mistakes.

A year ago, I was on subway with a male friend from Columbia Business School, an ambitious young guy who dreams big.   He said he wants to make a lot of money so he can make a change to the society and help more people. After sharing his big plan with me, an old man in his 80s boarded the subway. The subway was very crowded that day. The old man couldn’t stand very stable and almost fell.  Surprisingly, the male friend who has a big dream to change the world looked away as if he didn’t see the old man.  I stood up and gave  my seat to the old man, he reminded me of my grandpa. After we got off the subway, I asked him why he didn’t give his seat to the old man. He replied “I was tired too.”  I told him “you don’t have to wait till you are rich to be able to help others, do you?”.  Alright, some people might think I was too direct, however, I felt the urge to tell him what I thought.

Stop slacking off! Most of time, it’s not our insufficient intelligence, time, or money that make things impossible but our laziness and weak determination.

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