Strage Prize 2011: Christopher Emdin

| September 12, 2011

This video features the work of Christopher Emdin and his new book, Urban Science Education for the Hip-Hop Generation.

The book, “is rooted in his experiences as student, teacher, administrator, and researcher in urban schools and the deep relationship between hip-hop culture and science that he discovered at every stage of his academic and professional journey. The book utilizes autobiography, outcomes of research studies, theoretical explorations, and accounts of students’ experiences in schools to shed light on the causes for the lack of educational achievement of urban youth from the hip-hop generation.” (Sense Publishers)

The video’s production and publication is supported by the Strage Junior Faculty Prize. The Prize was established in 2009 by Teachers College alumna Alberta Strage and her husband Henry to recognize junior faculty achievement. Alberta also serves on both the President’s Advisory Council and the International Advisory Council for Teachers College. We appreciate both their generosity to Teachers College and support for the work of our junior faculty.

The Prize supports the production of a web video to highlight original and innovative work of a junior faculty member at Teachers College. All currently untenured members of the faculty in tenure-line appointments are eligible to compete for the prize by submitting an article, book chapter, paper, or other original product appearing during the previous year.

Congratulations Professor Emdin!

For supporting the production of this video, the Library would like to give special thanks to Anderson Calderon, Ingrid Thomas Clark, Alyssa Dunning, Dakon Johnson, Stephanie Vasquez, Shaniqua Wittingham, and also The Science and Medicine Middle School and The Marie Curie School for Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions.