Welcome! Match Making at the Gottesman Libraries

| September 7, 2016

HeartWelcome, new students! Can you conceive of a connection between speed dating and libraries? We can and are ready to assist, as you begin your classes and settle into Teachers College! For the start of the Fall semester, library staff prep with a series of exercises that pose key questions to highlight select services available to our patrons. Our answers are rewarded with favorite candy: Reeses, Smarties, Starbursts, Lindt truffles, M&Ms, and much more – Halloween indeed comes a little early, as we share a sweet tooth over the best t.v. soundtracks of all times. The Kefgen set is complete with casual conversation tables decorated with candles and Rachel‘s bright flower pens. So, want to give it your best shot? Friendly and helpful staff, if not candy, are poised and ready at the first floor library services desk! Ask, answer, and meet your match! We’d love to hear from you… and we can even relate a story or two about recent engagement photo shoots taken in our very own Russell Hall.

Here’s a preview:

  • Exams are a busy time… What is your best tip for studying? Could it be spending longer hours over your studies…. Or taking a break with Abby? Or…maybe just some nice little things to keep you going, like chocolates, extra pens, or tissues.
  • What would you most like to ask a librarian? Is happiness contagious? Are you awake?
  • 10 of your favorite books are on display.  What is the name/theme of your “Special Collection”? Escapism. The Theater. Falling into Fall.
  • How do you most prefer to take notes? Highlighting. Evernote. Squiggly drawings. In my head.
  • If you could wake up tomorrow having learned one thing very well, what would it be? How to sign my name. Score a hat trick. Write a book.
  • If you could design an app to quantify / count something in your life, what would it measure? Creative ah-ha moments. How much time I spend worrying. Number of connections in my head.
  • If you could invite any living person to give a talk just to you, who would it be? (Book, Guest, Film) Michelle Obama. David Attenborough. Lin Manuel-Miranda. Neil DeGrasse Tyson.
  • What is your favorite all time song? OR what is your go to karaoke tune? For Elise. Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Summertime. Born to Run.
  • If you were the subject of a front page story, what would you like the headline to be? Emojis That Explain the Thing I Did. Educational Technology Is Finally Usable. Woman Returns from Work Only to Go Back.
  • What is your favorite room in the world? My kitchen. My greenhouse. My study. Starbucks.

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