Today in History: The Salvation Army Is Founded

| July 5, 2017

170703_news_219x365Especially during the Winter holidays you’ll notice the Salvation Army around town. A ringing bell on the corner of Lexington and 42nd street heralds donors — festive windows, snowflakes falling with the scurry of shoppers, as workers shuffle their feet, braving the cold for hours on end. It’s all about giving, and what better time of year? But chances are that, at some point, you have given (or perhaps bought) other things from this organization which has a long history, branched out all over the world, and become almost a household name — funnily, a bit like the doughnut and the way of its giving during the first World War.

On July 5, 1865 the Salvation Army, first known as the Christian Mission, was founded by William Booth, a revivalist preacher, and his wife Catherine in the East End of London. The organization aimed to assist the destitute, providing everything from soup kitchens and lodging, to spiritual guidance. It spread throughout the world, including the 1878 establishment of the first United States branch in Pennsylvania. Today the Salvation Army is recognized as a major international charity, with programs and schools in more than 75 countries and funding through many voluntary contributions and sales of donated clothing, furniture, and other materials.

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