Today In History: Remembering Mary Adelaide Nutting

| October 3, 2018

Mary_Adelaide_Nutting“THE death on October 3 of Mary Adelaide Nutting, professor emeritus and former director of Nursing Education in Teachers College, marks the passing of another of the great pioneers who helped to build the foundations of Teachers College and whose influence spread far beyond this institution and their own times. In The Founding of Teachers College, in which Dean James E. Russell records the College venture into the new area of nursing education, he referred to Adelaide Nutting as “one of the ablest men of either sex in our group,” who contributed her full share to the joint effort “to elevate teaching from a trade to a profession.” Dean Russell might have added that Miss Nutting’s appointment to the Teachers College faculty was a powerful lever in raising two other groups to professional status. These were institutional or household administrators, and nurses engaged in the administration of nursing schools and hospital departments who were at that time students in what was called the Hospital Economics course. Miss Nutting was the first university professor in any country representing these fields of work, and she built the original programs almost from the ground up.” (“A Tribute to Mary Adelaide Nutting“, by Isabel M. Stewart, Teachers College Record Volume 50 Number 3, 1948, p. 199-201).

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