Today in History: Redcoats Land on Long Island

| August 22, 2018

180820_News_1080x1920August 22nd, 1776 marks the day when the Roadcoats, led by British General William Howe, landed on Long Island between Gravesend and New Utretcht. Intent on capturing New York City, they overcame the United States army at Gowanus Pass and marched through Brooklyn Heights, eventually capturing New York City on September 15th. The Battle of Long Island became known as the Battle of Brooklyn and the Battle of Brooklyn Heights, representing the first major battle of the American Revolutionary War after the United States declared its independence on July 4, 1776. General George Washington ordered the retreat of American soldiers by boat from Manhattan, and the British held control of New York City until the end of the war.

The following articles are drawn from Proquest Historical Newspapers, which informs and inspires classroom teaching and learning.

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  • Check Educat, the catalog of the Gottesman Libraries, for books relating to the redcoats.
  • Try a search in Archive Grid for historical materials held throughout various libraries on the redcoats.


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