Today in History: Guggenheim Museum Opens in NYC

| October 21, 2016

slide design-Guggenheim opens in NYC-smallerDesigned by Frank Lloyd Wright to house the large contemporary art collection of mining tycoon Solomon Guggenheim, the Guggenheim Museum opened its doors to the awestruck public on October 21, 1959. It was itself considered a work of art, resembling in white concrete a sea shell with a long ramp spiraling up from a large rotunda. Space, light, and fluidity resulted from the unique design which incorporated a glass dome.Thousands of people lined Fifth Avenue to see the breathtaking museum and its amazing art, which offered works by Paul Klee, Vasily Kandinsky, Marc Chagall, and many other internationally renowned artists. Today the Guggenheim Museum draws over a million visitors annually, and it has expanded to include sister museums in Venice, Bilbao, Berlin, and Abu Dhabi.

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  • Who wanted to establish an art center at Teachers College and then purchased the lot at 89th street?
  • How did art education develop at Teachers College?
  • What is the role of the museum in teaching, learning, and research?161017_news_219x365


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