Today in History: First Free Flight

| February 7, 2018

180205_News_219x365You might have noticed that the Everett Cafe has been featuring news displays about space travel since the launch of the Mars Mission, An Out-of-This-World Introduction to the Smith Learning Theater? We have SputnikApollo 8; and, today in history, First Free Flight — events commemorating major American scientific achievements, with educational applications.

Did you know that Navy Captain Bruce McCandless became the first astronaut to fly without a rope or chain, in space? On February 7, 1984, McCandless exited the U.S. space shuttle, The Challenger, then on its fourth orbital mission, wearing a self-designed, white, jet-powered backpack that allowed him to see Earth most freely. He re-entered the craft some 90 minutes later, paving the way for future developments in space travel.

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