Tipping the Hat… to the Education Program*

This was some time for play,  

This was some time for fun,

This was some time for games,

And some work was well done!

All that hot, hot, hot sun,

All that sun made us run.

When our boss went

Down to Ground for the day,

We thought, “Yes, into Gottesman,

Many Somebodies must come!”

So, you see,

We ran to our Somebodies.

Students and faculty.

They crawled from the corners,

The crevices, the crannies of TC,

Between summer sessions,

In slower-ish “A” and “B”,

Crunching on cookies,

Munching on fruit,

Tackling topics that

Most educationally suit.

From our hat sprang

New tricks in Blackboard,

As we faced Version Nine,

Out popped Research Roundup,

And Videography, nicely in time.

We pulled out Moral Ethics,

Asian Animation,

A pair of girl scouts

For Miss Representation.

(Teaching, learning, and listening are fine.)

Our talks explored Outdoors

With Kids in our city,

Race and Adult Education

In places not as pretty.

Russell was booked for occasional wii

Things 1 and 2 earning top marks

From Big Brain Academy.

Our boss stopped by, watching them sport,

As visitors nodded – some bowling to report!

Money, Credo, and Mentors,

Were little cats e, f, and g,

Who dashed from the hat,

Oh, so fantastically friendly!

The Socratic circle is much more than that,

Not a BIG PINK RING to be

Seen where we sat.

Yes, Conversation with all Somebodies,

The big and the small,

The red and the blue,

Our Cat welcomes all.

If you peeked deep within,

You’d spot the news:

Genome, first drive-in,

Great Barrier Reef,

A-bomb, Sally Ride,

The poet John Keats,

Quakers, theme parks,

Olympics and Katrina

Plentiful pink in the cafe arena — 

Salvation Army, what couldn’t be cleaner?

Who could forget the musical sounds

Topping the hat in leaps and bounds?

Jazz, classical, contemporary, and Christian?

They are fixed on an exceptionally feline mission.

Reading and writing,

Park and recreation,

Are pink Persians purring

To our smart edu-nation.

Somebodies talked, somebodies listened,

Somebodies strummed, somebodies glistened.

Like sparkles in asphalt

Paving the way,

The Ed Program

Is a good one,

Our Somebodies say!

So, if you see our sleek Cat,

Be sure to smile,

Like Cheshire upon Alice, and

Pray, do but stay awhile.

* Thank you, Dr. Suess (& Lewis Carroll), for inspiring us!

Education Program Summer 2012
Offerings Attendees
Films 3 57
Book Talks 2 37
Socratic Conversations 3 45
Workshops 4 39
News Displays 11 N/A
Live Music 11 N/A
Total 34 178