Something Cool – Worm Composting

| June 30, 2010

It all started when Amelia Epp, artist, teacher, blogger, and M.A. candidate in art education, offered to worm sit over the summer for a friend in New York. After two months of experiencing the blissful benefits – reducing organic waste, providing fertilizer for plants, growing community gardens, and the never-to-be missed topic of conversation – Amelia was fully committed to continuing the practice; she hauled the worm bin into the back of a Washington Heights taxi and moved with her husband, Michael, to Bancroft Hall. Over the last year there admittedly has been some minor trouble shooting in her apartment – leakage, fruit flies, stench, and the occasional wormie escape – but the project has proved highly successful: over one hundred worms are happy; local parks are thriving; and news is spreading fast about the advantages of composting in an urban environment.

Amelia’s blog is her medium for collecting thoughts, experiences, and resources on the topics of art, peace, and environmental education. Influenced by the writings of the Dalai Lama, Robert Harrison, Betty Reardon, Veronica Gaylie, and others in her fields of interest, Amelia writes a series entitled “Encounters with Nature in New York City Apartment.” In addition to vermiculture, it so far explores nicely tried and true practices of window farming and the avocado pit.

Concomitant with TC’s Go Green Week, held April 18-25, the Gottesman Libraries held a demonstration of worm composting on Earth Day for the children of Hollingworth Preschool and all interested members of the TC community. Amelia Epp  showed how a worm bin can be an environmental asset and an inspirational tool in education. She  incorporate a book reading and classroom activity to join the innovative link between science and art, helping participants become ambassadors for social change towards a greener planet.

Referencing: Worm Composting with Amelia Epp, Thursday, 4/22, 10:30-11:15am & 1:15-2pm

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