Today in History: Daylight Savings Time

| February 9, 2017


Although the clocks may not switch over until Sunday, March 12th, Daylight Savings Time has an anniversary on February 9th. In 1942, it was instituted by President Roosevelt as a measure to save on fuel during war time — specifically by the whole nation for one full year — and to be repealed almost three full years later, so that individual states could standardize their own time. By 1966, Congress approved legislation that made standard time less local.

Think about it: without daylight savings time, we’d wake up to more sunshine most of the time throughout the country. So, if you have more sun in the morning, you will see less of it later in the day… for better … or worse. Maybe you are an early bird, or a night owl… and that might influence your preference… but why fuss? Read about the history of Daylight Savings Time and see the controversy!

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Don’t forget to spring forward your clock one hour on Sunday, March 12, 2017! Daylight Savings Time is in effect from 2am this day.

Prepare for the shift; it takes time to adjust to the loss of an hour’s sleep and Daylight Savings Time — perhaps a week for some, so plan accordingly!

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