Music, Conversation, and Interpretive Understanding with Emir Lewis

| June 28, 2010

Emir Lewis has edited and/or produced approximately 20 motion pictures, including those for television: In the Footsteps of Marco Polo (2008) and Year of the Bull (2003). Renowned for his use of music, coupled with his tackling of controversial subjects, Mr. Lewis’ works include: Woodstock, Now and Then (2009); AIR (America’s Investigative Reports, 2008); Mr. Untouchable (2007); I Sit Where I Want: Brown versus Board of Education (2004); OJ: A Study in Black and White (2002); Brooklyn Babylon (2001) and Whiteboyz (1999).

In The Delicate Use of the Boom and the Bip in Documentary and Independent Film, Emir Lewis conducted a tour of the music he has used in his films, demonstrating the manipulative power of sound. In showing that what you hear may influence you more than what you see, Lewis added new meaning to the psychological dynamics of spectatorship and moving images.

Visit the Gottesman Libraries to hear speakers on educational themes and topics. This post references the Guest Speaker Event with Emir Lewis on  3/8/2010.